Startup Tales

Some of the most fascinating stories you will ever encounter involve small business startups. They typically feature creative methods of obtaining capital, levels of risk that most people would never consider taking and a solid dose of dogged persistence. As a point of comparison consider a celebrated big business story, like one we are all familiar with in my area, Lee Iacocca’s work to save Chrysler. While I concede he faced major challenges, at least he was secure in the knowledge that if he failed, no one would be standing on his porch asking for the keys to his house … that’s pressure. I urge you to tell your tales; the problems you have encountered and the ways you solved them could be the guiding light that leads someone else out of their tunnel of despair.

The Dogged One

Hitched to Someone Else’s Dream

This is one of the most compelling stories I have read on the subject of start ups. Meg Cadoux Hirshberg, September 1, 2008, explores what people go through while coping with the small business dreams of a significant other.  This just shows that you are not alone if you are having trouble remaining committed to someone else’s quest for success.