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“Other Views”  features links to articles by numerous unrelated sources. These are chosen based on their relevance to the world of small business … no political lean, no ideology, an absence of causes … strictly business.  If it appears that many of the articles are by authors identified as conservative or pro business, it is merely because they are the ones who most often address our issues as opposed to social or political topics. My choices do not reflect an endorsement of the author, their positions on other subjects o even the entire content of their post. Your suggestions for articles of general small business interest are always welcome via email.

Resources of Value

Business Owners get some love from Terry Paulson (September 11, 2009) in this article that is chock full of facts that validate how important we are to the economy. When times are tough every politician extols the value of small business but as soon as prosperity returns we once again become prey instead of praised.

Time to Celebrate Small Business Entrepreneur Day


The Dogged post “Small Business and Government” contains the statement “no one does unintended consequences better than government”. Keep that thought in mind as you read the following column from USA Today, October 16, 2009. Cap and Trade, Health Care and numerous plans for economic micromanagement; what are the chances Small Business will fare any better than the dunes.

Vines assault East Coast dunes


Economic theories come and go but one thing remains constant; government interference in the free market system rarely ends well. This article by Walter E. Williams, November 04, 2009, highlights the “fatal conceit” of bureaucrats who assume they are smart enough to manage the economy. An added bonus is a great history lesson on the real causes of the great depression … it’s not what you learned in school.

Economic Myths and Irrelevancy


My recent post, Government for Governments Sake, introduces the concept of “Organizational Self Awareness”.  In that article I mention that this is not a government only phenomenon and that any powerful group can exhibit it. This piece by Michelle Malkin illustrates the concept all too well by defying common sense to the point of embarrassment.

When Big Labor Bullies and Volunteers Collide


No matter how you feel about Global Warming or Cap and Trade, it’s plainly evident that making it harder and more expensive to do business is not the way to improve the planet. Anyone who believes that the destruction of the free enterprise system will curb greenhouse gases won’t be too happy when those without jobs start burning their furniture for heat. This article by Jonah Goldberg, December 18, 2009, makes a convincing argument that economic growth is the solution, not the problem.

The President Says You’ve Got Enough Money


Michelle Malklin seems to have a pretty fair grasp of the effect of government actions on small business. This piece (July 21, 2010) sheds some light on the government’s role in the termination of dealerships during the GM and Chrysler bailouts. It coincidently ties in very well with the Dogged post … The True Costs Of Bailouts.

Destroying Jobs In The Name Of Shared Sacrifice


A great piece from the publisher of Forbes, Rich Karlgaard.  It gets right to the main point missing when everyone asks; where are the jobs?  The article makes it abundantly clear that no one is even bothering to ask employers the real reason why they are not hiring and investing.  Another great example of why a government runs by business theorists will never understand the issues faced by real world business people.

The Forgotten Employer


If you feel that your main government related problem is taxes, think again. This article by Bruce Bialosky (September 6, 2010) illustrates how easily any of us can be victims of obscure regulations and government overreach. Even for the smallest business; hiring, firing, environmental rules and any number of agencies with workplace oversight can make simply doing business anything but simple.