Dog Tired

                            The Trite, The Unfair & The Downright Annoying!


      I am just Dog tired of  …


…  politicians who refer to any reduction in a budgets planned increase as a spending cut.

…  anyone who justifies and accepts a bonus for managing a money losing company.

…  unions who trumpet concessions that only apply to future members; so much for brotherhood.

…  celebrities who think anyone really cares about their political opinions.

…  radio ads that end with the phone number being repeated till your head hurts.

…  anyone who can retire in their early 50’s with full benefits, on the public’s dime.

…  cards that fall out of magazines; has anyone ever picked one up and filled it out?

…  people who use redial instead of the call back number you left them.  

…  wrong number callers who listen to your complete answering machine recording and still

     leave a message for who they think they called. 

…  a one page drug ad in a magazine followed by three pages of ominous warnings.

…  television ad disclaimers that go by so fast no one could ever read them.

…  radio ad disclaimers that are spoken so quickly no one can understand them.

…  newspaper ad disclaimers that are printed so poorly and small that they can’t be read.

…  the fact that ad disclaimers in general have been rendered useless by all of the above.

…  every insurance company claiming that a switch to their company will save you hundreds of

     dollars. If this is true than someone has to be overcharging, so who are we switching from?

…  People who claim to support or respect someone because they “tell it like it is.” No one tells it

     like it is, they can only tell it like they think it is. Everyone has a core group of biases that

     make total objectivity impossible