To be Dogged is to be a survivor, a producer, someone who has experienced what it really takes to succeed in small business.

I started my first company before I was 15 and my first corporation during my final year in college. In the decades that followed I traveled the path of most small business survivors; some successes, some failures.  With experience comes understanding and what I came to understand is that the number one quality needed for success is persistence … Dogged persistence.  I am a representation of what small business really looks like in this country.  The typical small business owner is not the shaved head 38 year old male who mountain bikes (of course he also rides it to work) 10 miles a day and has a foosball table in the lobby. It is not the female super exec with a marathon runner figure and 3 advanced degrees. We would all like to have the time to attend to our physical conditioning or the extra funds to indulge our employees with a cool work environment but reality normally trumps those wishes. Many times the focus on the ultra success ignores their associate’s game changing contributions, the elements of good timing and luck, inside access to the “right” people and major missteps along the way.  A well publicized hit can make one forget that in either success or failure we are never quite as good or as bad as we think we are.

Entrepreneurs succeed in spite of what government does, not because of it.  Recent events also make it very clear that we are not too big to fail and we are definitely too small to matter. I have lived in and started all my businesses in Michigan; with all due respect to New York, when it comes to small business, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Over the past 50 years no other state has based its policies and tax structure more completely on the wishes of big business and labor unions. Unfortunately the situation here hasn’t really changed and more states are now following the same path to marginalizing small business and its contributions to the economy. This site is devoted to those of us who continue to fight the good fight and wish to share their thoughts. Even though politicians say that small businesses produces the majority of job growth and that we are the engine that will bring this country back from the brink; when times are tough we will still be on our own. Regardless of the challenges we will continue to do what we do because that is who we are … sadly all those who depend on our work ethic know it too. A recent survey found that 47% of the small business owners responding had not taken a paycheck in the previous year. Facts like that may not make your life any easier but they will make you realize you are not alone.

Share your stories, share your thoughts.

James Krause is a small business owner and life-long Southeast Michigan resident who comments on various subjects from a small business perspective. These articles are assembled on this small business comment site.  Mr. Krause has been the owner of LongShot Golf Inc. in Clinton Township, Michigan  for over 20 years.


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