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Cipro for uti

Through the summer and early fall leading up to Election Day, a voice in my head kept saying; make it stop! The constant barrage of inane and downright deceptive ads was an insult to the electoral process and the main reason why our most accomplished citizens want no part of this money fueled circus. For me the hardest thing to listen to was one politician or another claiming to be able to create jobs. Other than government jobs (which are funded with money collected from others) politicians and governments at any level do not create jobs. Obviously private sector businesses producing a good or service create (net economic gain) jobs and to do so one of the main things they need is access to capital.  I was recently able to successfully conclude a relationship with an investor in my company that had been with me for over twenty years. It is safe to say that without this persons support my business and the jobs it created would not exist today. Read more…

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